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What is Jxtray ?

Jxtray is a database explorer written in Java. Jxtray can be used to connect to any type of database with suitable JDBC drivers. It can provide you with information regarding your data bases, carry out SQL queries and extract data in the following formats: CSV, SQL, HTML, XML. The name Jxtray comes from the French word j'extrait, which means the function of retrieval of data.


Jxtray is a project founded by Jean-Yves Beaujean - jybeaujean ~ ioz.be

Thereafter, other developers came to join the project..

Bernhard KauslerBernhard.Kausler ~ stud.uni-karlsruhe.de
Shashanka Panugantipshashanka ~ gmail.com
Morten Lorenzencreefter ~ users.sourceforge.net
Shravan Chamakurachamakura ~ users.sourceforge.net
Abdul Basit Mundaamunda ~ users.sourceforge.net
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